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Very pleased great food

Kevin, 27 Nov 2020

Very pleased

Kevin, 27 Nov 2020

Great food that is quick to be picked up. Would love if they offered delivery

Beth, 16 Nov 2020

Lovely food always the best when we have ordered

Emma, 16 Nov 2020

Great service, friendly, polite and great value for money! Delicious!

Becca, 13 Nov 2020

This is our go to Chinese food fix! Can't fault it, they all work very hard and it certainly pays off. Food is lovely, great selection, good portions, quick and affordable.

Rebecca, 11 Nov 2020

Lovely food

Lauren, 04 Nov 2020

The food was average but bit burnt

Ray, 04 Nov 2020

Always had a good meal from them,

Richard, 30 Oct 2020


Sean, 19 Oct 2020

Top take awY

Mick, 09 Oct 2020

I don’t usually write to complain but feel compelled to complain about the Kung Po Chicken??? I ordered last night. To be honest it’s the worst Chinese takeaway I’ve ever had in my lifetime & I’m no youngster. I don’t bear to think where you got the chicken from but it was so repulsive I had to spit it out. I expect breast of chicken in my meals not some substandard third world trash that wouldn’t be out of place in a ghetto, was it even chicken? I don’t know where you have come from but You need to raise your standards if you want your business to survive in this area. I feel like having the food analysed to see what was really in it!

Andrew Butler , 03 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much for your time on the phone with us, and we do apologise for giving you the unpleasant experience. We will look into this and try the best to avoid anything like this in future. Thank you. Ling

Unfortunately when I got home I realised one of the dishes were wrong, but I had already started serving. (The Hong Kong prawns were actually some kind of crispy prawns in chilli sauce?)

Leanne, 26 Sep 2020

Food was good but very disappointed with the covid precautions in place for the customers, would suggest only one person in at a time and people to wait outside rather than allowing 5 people and having people have to come in to see if there order is ready Either that or block the door off and serve from the door Understand this was the first night of reopening and wish you luck but something has to change as I really feel that if the same system continues then someone may complain to authorities (not me). Also seemed that you had way to many orders for the amount of staff seeing people come back as food was missed off

Andy Day, 16 May 2020

  Reply : Yes, thank you so much for you advice. Yesterday was a bit out of control. We will definitely try the best to keep everybody safe. Thank you Andy. Ling